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How to Leverage the Law of Attraction in Practice

Feeling GOOD vs feeling BETTER

feeling-good-vs-betterFor a very long time, I mistakenly believed that the Law of Attraction was all about feeling good all the time.

And every time I didn’t feel good, I thought I was doing something wrong.

So it brought a lot of relief to me, once I realized that it is not so much about feeling good, as it is about finding a way to feel better from where I am right now.

And that is something completely different!

Angry feels better

Let me give you a couple of examples to illustrate what I mean:

  • If you are feeling depressed, thinking about something that makes you feel angry will actually make you feel better, as anger feels better than depression (at least for most people). Feeling angry, however, will not make you feel good, even though it will make you feel better from where you were.
  • If you are feeling angry, thinking about something that makes you feel frustrated will make you feel better, as frustration feels better than anger (for most people). Feeling frustrated, however, will probably not feel good, but it will still make you feel better from where you were.

What a relief!

When I realized this, I felt a lot of relief, as it means that:

  • I don’t have to feel good all the time (phew!)
  • I’m not doing anything wrong, if I’m not feeling good (more phew!)
  • I always have the option of doing something that makes me feel a bit better from where I am, which is so much easier than having to do something that makes me feel good!

Understanding other people

Over time, I have come to realize a couple of other things from this, that have actually helped me become more understanding and less judgmental in relationship with other people:

  • I don’t need to be quite so hard on myself, when I find myself doing something that makes others feel bad. Maybe this was the only way I could feel better in that situation!
  • And likewise, I don’t need to take it so hard, when someone does something that makes me feel bad. Maybe it was simply the only way, he could feel better in that situation!
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ButterflyToday I needed this process, so I thought I would share it with you as well.

This process on how to deal with negative thoughts and emotions is both simple and easy – and freaking powerful!

4 steps

The process consists of 4 steps, and it brings you from feeling negative to focusing on what you want in a very short time!

It goes like this:

  1. Acknowledge the negative feeling
  2. Accept the feeling; “it’s OK that I’m feeling this negative feeling”
  3. What I want is this
  4. Repeat as required


Let me give you an example.

Let’s pretend I’m worrying about paying my bills. Then the process goes like this:

1. Acknowledge the negative feeling

  • I’m worried about paying my bills
  • I don’t have enough money in my account and I’m worried I will not be able to pay all my bills this month
  • I hate worrying about money and I’m sick and tired of being in this situation

2. Accept the feeling – be OK with it

  • it’s OK that I’m worrying about money
  • it’s OK that I hate worrying about money
  • it’s OK that I’m sick and tired of being in this situation

Continue this acceptance talk, until you feel relief!

Sometimes you won’t feel OK with worrying, in stead you might feel additional frustration, because you know that worrying about money is not helping improve your money vibe.

In this case, just step back one level and feel your way into being OK with that.

  • it’s OK that I’m frustrated about worrying about money
  • it’s OK that I’m not OK with worrying about money

Sometimes you have to step back several levels until you find the relief.

Sometimes you’ll find it right away, in seconds.

As soon as you feel the relief, move on to step 3.

3. What I want is …

  • to feel good about money
  • to feel safe and secure, etc

Now you are giving your attention to what you want instead!!!

If new contrast arises (negative thoughts and emotions), move on to step 4

4. Repeat as required

Take the “new” negative emotion to step 1 and start all over again

Shift focus in seconds

With a little practice, this process will help you get from negative emotion to focusing on what you want in seconds!

I give huge thanks to Paul and the Communion of Light (COL) for coming up with this awesome and powerful process.

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a picture of a bird in a tree with beautiful flowers.Setting Intentions is one of my favorite Law of Attraction tools.

It is simple and easy to use and it is incredibly effective – it works like magic!

It can best be described as a mixture of setting goals and describing how you want a certain situation to unfold.

I originally learnt about this tool from Abraham Hicks (they call it Segment Intending).

And I don’t mind admitting that it wasn’t love at first sight!

Quite the opposite, actually.

Because in the beginning, I found this tool rather weird for several reasons:

  • I didn’t understand what it was for
  • I didn’t understand how it worked
  • I didn’t understand how to use it
  • I didn’t believe that something so simple could make any difference.

Nevertheless, this tool kept presenting itself to me in books, conversations and courses, so I gave it a try every now and then.

And much to my surprise, over time I realized that it actually worked!

And it developed into one of my favorite attraction tools.

When to use this tool

Setting Intentions can be used before any situation that you want to deliberately influence.

I set intentions almost every day, sometimes just one or two times during the day, other times much more.

How to use this tool

In the beginning, it might be helpful to write down your intentions, at least that is what I did. It helped me focus.

However, it is just as effective to simply say your intentions aloud or think them by yourself. This is what I do today.

This is what you do:

You simply start by ”I intend to” and then you add as much as feels good to you.

It could be something along the lines of describing

  • how you want the situation to unfold
  • the outcome you want
  • the atmosphere you would like to experience
  • how you want to feel and/or
  • how you would like others to feel during and after the situation.


Let me give you an example for inspiration.

If I am going to attend a meeting, my intention setting might look like this:

I intend

  • to have an efficient meeting, where we begin and end right on time and stick to the agenda
  • that we get to an agreement on xxx and get to conclude yyy
  • to express myself clearly, so the others understand what I mean, and to listen carefully and understand what the others are saying
  • that we all feel good during the meeting
  • that the atmosphere is light and pleasant and that we get to laugh several times (I very often add this one!).

That’s it!

As I mentioned above, in the beginning it might feel pretty awkward to set intentions – it sure did to me!

I guess it’s simply because we are not used to doing so.

However, I warmly recommend that you give it a try, as it does lead to the most incredible results!

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GratefulI know it may sound weird, but nevertheless, it is true!

My wallet got stolen and I am grateful.

I was out Christmas shopping and there was quite a crowd everywhere. I bought something in a shop and 15 minutes later, I found something in another shop that I wanted to buy.

I walked to the counter to pay and was surprised to find out, that the zipper of my purse was open; I usually do not forget to close my purse.

Then I realized that my wallet was gone!!!

My immediate reaction was to simply tell the sales woman that I wasn’t going to have the stuff anyway, because my wallet had been stolen.

Then I found a quiet corner in the shop and looked thoroughly through every pocket of my clothes and every corner of my purse, still somewhat hoping to find my wallet, but it was not there.

I gave up resistance

I went from disbelief (can this really be happening to me?) through worry (how am I going to buy Christmas presents for my kids now?) and anger (how dare you?) in about two minutes.

Then I simply accepted the fact that my wallet had been stolen (= I gave up resistance!) and decided to call my banker to report my credit card stolen and have them cancel it.

And that is when I first realized how lucky I was, as my cell phone was still in my bag!

Feeling grateful

I felt really GRATEFUL that my phone had not been stolen as well.

When I called my banker, he told me that no transactions had been made to my account. Phew, what a relief.

He also told me that I would receive my new credit card in 5-6 days! (a rather annoying message to get less than a week before Christmas Eve).

Then he added that I was lucky, because he could see that I had another card for another account.

That made me feel GRATEFUL again!

And then I also felt GRATEFUL because I only had had a small amount of cash in my wallet that day.

Who would do that?

On my way home, I kept thinking about what had happened. There were still glimpses of disbelief, frustration and anger, but most of the time I simply accepted the situation and felt quite at peace with it.

Then I started thinking about the person who did it. What kind of person would that be? And I realized that I actually felt sorry for him. I mean, what kind of life is that? I even thought that he probably needed my cash more than I did!

The more I thought about him, the more GRATEFUL I felt that I do not have to steal to feed my kids.

Through the rest of the day and the whole next day, my stolen wallet was in my thoughts a lot.

And every single time, my dominant feeling was GRATITUDE.

As I said, it may sound weird, but my wallet was stolen and I feel grateful.

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What is the Law of Attraction?

What is the Law of Attraction?The Law of Attraction is the principles organizing the Universe.

It is a Natural Law like the Law of Gravity, and the premise of this Law is:

That which is like unto itself is drawn”.

The Law of Attraction is also a mechanical process that is

  • happening automatically
  • happening all the time
  • happening whether you are aware of it or not.

The Law of Attraction is often abbreviated to LOA.

What you give your attention to

A pretty simple way of explaining the principles of the Law of Attraction is this:

Whatever you give your attention to, you get more of in your life
whether it is something that you want or something that you don’t want!

Do you know what it means to give your attention to something?

You give your attention every time you think or talk about something – which is actually most of the time, right?

This means that when you are worrying about something (thinking/talking about it)
-> you are attracting/creating more to worry about

When you are complaining about something (thinking/talking about it)
-> you are attracting/creating more to complaint about

When you are feeling upset about someone/something
-> you are attracting/creating more to feel upset about.

Luckily, it goes the other way around as well:

This means that when you are enjoying something
-> you are attracting/creating more to enjoy

When you are looking forward to something
-> you are attracting/creating more to look forward to

And when you are feeling grateful for something or someone
-> you are attracting/creating more to feel grateful for.

Your thoughts and words are powerful

The more I have studied the Law of Attraction, the more I have become aware of how powerful our words and our thoughts are – they literally create our future!

As a result, I have become very deliberate about what I give my attention to.

And I pay attention to my thoughts and redirect them deliberately, when I realize they are going in a direction that I don’t want to go.

Sometimes I’m asked, if it is really possible to change your thoughts?

And my answer is always: YES, but it takes a lot of practice.

For me it has not been easy. It has taken a lot of focus, a lot of practice and a lot of time.

But it has absolutely been worth it  🙂

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