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My wallet got stolen yesterday and I am grateful

GratefulI know it may sound weird, but nevertheless, it is true!

My wallet got stolen and I am grateful.

I was out Christmas shopping and there was quite a crowd everywhere. I bought something in a shop and 15 minutes later, I found something in another shop that I wanted to buy.

I walked to the counter to pay and was surprised to find out, that the zipper of my purse was open; I usually do not forget to close my purse.

Then I realized that my wallet was gone!!!

My immediate reaction was to simply tell the sales woman that I wasn’t going to have the stuff anyway, because my wallet had been stolen.

Then I found a quiet corner in the shop and looked thoroughly through every pocket of my clothes and every corner of my purse, still somewhat hoping to find my wallet, but it was not there.

I gave up resistance

I went from disbelief (can this really be happening to me?) through worry (how am I going to buy Christmas presents for my kids now?) and anger (how dare you?) in about two minutes.

Then I simply accepted the fact that my wallet had been stolen (= I gave up resistance!) and decided to call my banker to report my credit card stolen and have them cancel it.

And that is when I first realized how lucky I was, as my cell phone was still in my bag!

Feeling grateful

I felt really GRATEFUL that my phone had not been stolen as well.

When I called my banker, he told me that no transactions had been made to my account. Phew, what a relief.

He also told me that I would receive my new credit card in 5-6 days! (a rather annoying message to get less than a week before Christmas Eve).

Then he added that I was lucky, because he could see that I had another card for another account.

That made me feel GRATEFUL again!

And then I also felt GRATEFUL because I only had had a small amount of cash in my wallet that day.

Who would do that?

On my way home, I kept thinking about what had happened. There were still glimpses of disbelief, frustration and anger, but most of the time I simply accepted the situation and felt quite at peace with it.

Then I started thinking about the person who did it. What kind of person would that be? And I realized that I actually felt sorry for him. I mean, what kind of life is that? I even thought that he probably needed my cash more than I did!

The more I thought about him, the more GRATEFUL I felt that I do not have to steal to feed my kids.

Through the rest of the day and the whole next day, my stolen wallet was in my thoughts a lot.

And every single time, my dominant feeling was GRATITUDE.

As I said, it may sound weird, but my wallet was stolen and I feel grateful.

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