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LOA Manifesting Tool: Vision Board

I am not very visual, so a vision board is not one of my favorite law of attraction manifesting tools.

Nevertheless, I have two vision boards on my wall and I love them. I love their energy and the way they make me feel.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a collection of pictures of the things and experiences that you would like to have in your life; it is like a wishlist for your life, expressed visually.

It helps you maintain focus on what it is that you want and what is important to you.

Place your vision board on your wall (or in a more discreet place, if you do not want others to see it!) somewhere, where you will see it every day, and take a few minutes to dwell on it every day; imagine that you already have these things, people and experiences in your life and feel how delicious it feels.

If you want more detailed instructions for how to create a vision board, please read on:

How to create a Vision Board

You will need a bunch of magazines, a board, a pair of scissors and glue.

  1. Tear out all the pictures that affect you in a positive way (makes you feel happy, touched, enthusiastic, etc.)

–   add pictures from the Internet, photos or drawings.

–   be creative and let your unconscious mind rule.

–   you might want to limit this part of the process to for instance 30 minutes.

  1. Sort your pictures

–   do you want your vision board to be general or to be specific to a particular area of your life?

–   are some of the pictures too much alike?

–   could some of the pictures be represented by one particular picture?

–   you might want to limit this part of the process to for instance 10 minutes.

  1. Adapt the chosen pictures

–   be creative and use your imagination.

–   add your own face to a picture of a supermodel’s body

–   draw the cover page of the book, you wish to write – and remember to add the name of the author – you!

–   use a heart and a wedding ring to symbolize that you wish to get married

  1. Add your pictures to your board

–   fix them to your board with glue or pins

–   or fix them to a sheet of paper, which you then laminate.

  1. Mount your vision board on the wall, where you will see it every day

–   or find a more discreet place, if you do not want others to see it.

  1. Enjoy looking at your vision board every day

–   imagine your desires coming true one by one

–   add new pictures, whenever a new desire comes up

–   enjoy and appreciate how more and more desires manifest over time.


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