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LOA Manifesting Tool: Setting Intentions

a picture of a bird in a tree with beautiful flowers.Setting Intentions is one of my favorite Law of Attraction tools.

It is simple and easy to use and it is incredibly effective – it works like magic!

It can best be described as a mixture of setting goals and describing how you want a certain situation to unfold.

I originally learnt about this tool from Abraham Hicks (they call it Segment Intending).

And I don’t mind admitting that it wasn’t love at first sight!

Quite the opposite, actually.

Because in the beginning, I found this tool rather weird for several reasons:

  • I didn’t understand what it was for
  • I didn’t understand how it worked
  • I didn’t understand how to use it
  • I didn’t believe that something so simple could make any difference.

Nevertheless, this tool kept presenting itself to me in books, conversations and courses, so I gave it a try every now and then.

And much to my surprise, over time I realized that it actually worked!

And it developed into one of my favorite attraction tools.

When to use this tool

Setting Intentions can be used before any situation that you want to deliberately influence.

I set intentions almost every day, sometimes just one or two times during the day, other times much more.

How to use this tool

In the beginning, it might be helpful to write down your intentions, at least that is what I did. It helped me focus.

However, it is just as effective to simply say your intentions aloud or think them by yourself. This is what I do today.

This is what you do:

You simply start by ”I intend to” and then you add as much as feels good to you.

It could be something along the lines of describing

  • how you want the situation to unfold
  • the outcome you want
  • the atmosphere you would like to experience
  • how you want to feel and/or
  • how you would like others to feel during and after the situation.


Let me give you an example for inspiration.

If I am going to attend a meeting, my intention setting might look like this:

I intend

  • to have an efficient meeting, where we begin and end right on time and stick to the agenda
  • that we get to an agreement on xxx and get to conclude yyy
  • to express myself clearly, so the others understand what I mean, and to listen carefully and understand what the others are saying
  • that we all feel good during the meeting
  • that the atmosphere is light and pleasant and that we get to laugh several times (I very often add this one!).

That’s it!

As I mentioned above, in the beginning it might feel pretty awkward to set intentions – it sure did to me!

I guess it’s simply because we are not used to doing so.

However, I warmly recommend that you give it a try, as it does lead to the most incredible results!

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