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LOA Manifesting Tool: FEEL NOW how you will feel then

The fastest way to make a desire come true is to FEEL NOW, how you will feel then.

This means that you already now should think, feel and act in the same way that you will think, feel and act, once your desire comes true.

Because the more you do this, the more you bring yourself into vibrational harmony with you desire.

Your desire will manifest

Once you do it enough to become a vibrational match, your desire will manifest.

It has to.

Because that is the way the Law of Attraction works!

A powerful question

Whether you are wanting to manifest more money, better health, a new job or something else, ask yourself this powerful question:

How will I feel, once I have achieved the desired situation?

Your answer could be something like this: I will feel

  • freedom / security / satisfaction (money)
  • love / security / satisfaction (relationship)
  • lightness / freedom / satisfaction (ideal weight)
  • health / freedom / security (better health)
  • satisfaction / security / success (new job)

Follow-up questions

Once you have discovered the feeling, ask yourself these two questions:

1. Where in my life do I already feel this feeling?

If, for instance, more money will make you feel freedom, then where in your life do you already feel free?

  • When you are not wearing socks / are wearing 2 different socks / are sleeping naked?
  • When you have 7 books next to your bed and you have read a few pages in each of them?
  • When you spend an entire Sunday watching old movies?

2. What else can I do to activate this feeling?

Again, if having more money will make you feel freedom, then what else can you do to feel more free?

The more you do the stuff that activates ”your” feeling, the faster your desire will manifest!

Remember to keep it light and enjoyable and have fun with it  🙂

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