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LOA Manifesting Tool: Affirmations

This is one of my own favorite tools.

Affirmations are positive power statements that you repeat over and over and over again.

Sounds pretty simple, right?


Affirmations can be used

  • to achieve a particular situation, you want to experience
  • to replace negative beliefs with positive ones
  • to help you to feel better

I was stunned

Affirmations was the first manifesting tool, I tried out many years ago – it was back in 2008.

I managed to get rid of many years of back problems and back pains, by saying this affirmation over and over again, several times a day:

“I have a strong and flexible body”.

3 months later, to my big surprise, I realized that the pains and problems with my back had gone – and they never returned!

I was so stunned by this amazing result that I have never stopped using affirmations.

My favorite affirmation for the time being is this:

“Everything comes easy to me”

Best ways

Affirmations work best if they are:

  • expressed in the present tense
  • formulated positively
  • relatively short and precise

It may all sound pretty simple, but it is not always easy to start out with a new affirmation.

I sometimes spend weeks or even months narrowing down the exact wording that works for me.

And if the result I want is very far from my current situation, saying the affirmation feels like a total lie in the beginning and makes me not want to say it.

However, I have learned from experience that the more I say my affirmations, the better it feels and the faster I achieve the results that I want.

If you feel inspired by reading this, you probably should try it out and see what happens!

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