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Does knowing the Law of Attraction mean no more problems in your life?

Many people tend to believe that once you know about the Law of Attraction and learn how to use its principles, you’ll get to live a life without any problems.

For a long time, I believed so myself.

I didn’t get it

And as I kept experiencing problems and challenges, I believed it was because “I didn’t do it right” or “I didn’t get it”.

I wonder if it is because many books and blogs about the Law of Attraction promise that with the Law of Attraction you can have, be and do everything you want.

And most of us believe that we want ”a life with no problems”.

This is not so

However, over time I have come to realize that this is not so.

Knowing the Law of Attraction does not equal no more problems in my life.

And no matter how experienced I become at mastering the principles of the Law of Attraction deliberately, I will continue to experience unwanted situations now and then.

And that is fine!

What do you want?

Because every time we experience something that we don’t like, it gives us the opportunity to find out what it is that we do want.

It’s no big deal, really, and it’s actually quite helpful.

Every unwanted situation is an opportunity to gain clarity and to launch new desires.

And our job is then simply to focus less on the unwanted situation and more on the new desire. Which, by the way, may not always be easy, but the more we practice, the easier it becomes!

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